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Meet and Experience Wellness with Lisa Stavrakas

Lisa Massage Therapy: Image of Instructor Lisa

Lisa’s massage therapy studies of yoga, anatomy and the amazing function of our bodies started in early 2000, at which time there became a deep fascination with yoga and proper alignment.  During those early years, there was a yearning for more, first for self-exploration and then a yearning to help others.  Fast forward to 2011 when Lisa moved to Bozeman from Colorado and enrolled into Health Works Institute’s massage therapy school.  While in school she also attended the Holy Yoga Teacher Training.  At that time, she finally felt as though she had arrived at her calling, in yoga we call it dharma.  

These studies took her from a strict elimination diet to enjoying food again by learning how to heal the gut and live according to her unique constitution. This approach also equipped her to journey through menopause with very little side effects. As women, we’re taught that menopause is a disease, but it’s actually a beautiful process that women go through.  However, many do not embrace this significant stage of womanhood.  Lisa enjoys blending yoga, massage and digestive wellness to come up with a holistic approach to her client’s healing journey. 

After school, she continued her individual studies with worldly renowned teachers like Desiree Rumbaugh, Adam Ballenger, Ally Morrison, Ashley Turned and Jonnie Goodmanson. Lisa has dedicated her personal and professional life to the human body, mind and Spirit connection which enhances all aspects of her offerings. Through some of her own health challenges, her depth of the body, mind, Spirit experience took her into the studies of Ayurveda. She studied Ayurveda 101 and Yoga Health Coaching through Cate Stillman and became a Digestive Wellness Coach through John Immel of Joyful Belly. 


“A year ago, I joined Lisas yoga class with apprehension. What I found was a warm and receptive group of individuals there to learn yoga and have a terrific workout. Our leader gently corrected our positions in a quiet manner as she walked around the room. Lisa is one of those rare people who can make a difference in peoples lives she certainly has in mine!  The group was male and female and we became a close supportive community, cheering each success.”

“Personally I gained balance, flexibility, and strength.  Each yoga class became progressively more challenging and never dull or routine. Lisa was careful to demonstrate alternative ways to accomplish the same results, thereby including all of us regardless of our ability. I looked forward to every class. Lisas leadership kept the yoga practice fresh and introspective in a non-intimidating way.  Yoga also improved how I handled work stress (and so did my co-workers).” -Laura

"I have struggled with back pain for over 15 years and have considered yoga many times, but kept putting off starting...until I met Lisa Stavrakas at Renew Wellness in Philipsburg MT. I sought massage care and Lisa provided excellent facial release treatments. Her encouragement to pursue yoga & a healthier lifestyle is transforming my life. I have stopped a prescription for pain relief and am pursing a life of movement and stretching. In just weeks I am able to move more, do more & look forward to living more in every way." - Maria

Lisa's Massage Therapy Certifications & More

 Licensed Massage Therapist

 Certified Holy Yoga Instructor

  Certified Ayurvedic Wellness Coach

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