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Buy Outdoor Kitchen Online

Wondering how to get started with your outdoor kitchen project? Schedule a call with a designer! It only takes a few minutes to have all your burning questions about outdoor kitchens answered. We look forward to speaking with you!

buy outdoor kitchen online

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It took just a few minutes for Charlie to design his kitchen and ordered shortly thereafter. As you can see in the video, the exact kitchen he designed arrived in his yard and came together in one afternoon.

We listened. What people wanted was outdoor kitchens that suited the British outdoors. Beautiful in design, yet simple in construction. Social spaces that took people beyond a standalone BBQ, and offered theatre and excitement.

Some manufacturers do not allow us to sell their products online. Visit our sister site where you can see hundreds of additional products not shown on this site. Learn more about our showroom, installation, consultations, & trade services. You can also request parts and schedule service appointments at this link. Any other questions, give us a call! 877-692-3765

Our family-owned & operated business has been installing fireplaces & outdoor kitchens for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on having the best customer service in the industry providing the most amazing experience. Purchase with confidence knowing we are always available by phone & email or drop by our showroom to see our products in person!

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Visualize your ideas and refine your dreams in our online planning tool. Set up your own configuration, challenge your ideas, add the features you want, and create your own perfect outdoor kitchen. Complete your design with the right finish, and details to accompany your new outdoor lifestyle.

Artisan Grills set the standard when it comes to affordable luxury. Made in the USA by Alfresco Open Air Culinary systems, the Artisan line of products offers many of the high end features you expect to see on a high-end, integrated outdoor kitchen brand.

For the hostess or grill master, the installation of a stunning outdoor kitchen is a dream come true. In addition to beauty, however, your space needs to be functional, durable and capable of withstanding the elements and heavy usage.

The good news is that you will have plenty of options. In this comprehensive guide to outdoor kitchen countertops we will examine the most commonly used materials and the benefits of each. All of these materials can be found at a reputable stone yard for both delivery and pickup.

Typically, stone will be the wisest option for homeowners who are hoping to install a beautiful outdoor cooking and entertaining space that will continue looking and functioning perfectly for years to come. Consider stones such as:

Braen Supply is an industry leader, offering bluestone, limestone, travertine, Kearney stone, sahara granite, brownstone and numerous other quality materials for constructing outdoor counters, kitchens, patios and other outdoor living spaces. Stones can be polished and custom fabricated, and are available for pickup or bulk delivery throughout the Northeast.

Throughout the years, Alfresco has set the standard for innovation in the outdoor kitchen appliance market. Whether it's a commercial grade grill or pizza oven, you can be sure that your Alfresco appliances will perform at the highest level for years to come.

Alfresco is committed to producing the highest quality outdoor cooking systems on the market. Their USA based production facility is equipped with the most advanced and finest precision stainless steel fabrication equipment available in the world today.

You're able to create stunning outdoor kitchen set ups with Alfresco's extensive line of built-in grills, power burners, pizza ovens, drawers, doors, and under-counter appliances. No matter what you want to accomplish in your design, Alfresco has you covered.

No. Although Werever outdoor cabinets are manufactured from HDPE, which is a kind of heavy plastic, Werever outdoor cabinets have the look and feel of expensive cabinetry. Our outdoor cabinets are substantial, durable, and very attractive. See for yourself.

Upon proper use, the Corten steel is vivid, long-lasting and maintenance-free, withstanding time in a unique manner. Corten steel products can be stored outdoors all year round. Does not require storage.

Electric, water and natural-gas lines usually are brought to the outdoor kitchen from the service in the house. Besides providing power for the kitchen lights and refrigerator, electric outlets should be included in plans for the cooking and dining areas. (Outdoor outlets require ground-fault circuit interrupters.)

The style is characterized by sleek lines and polished finishes, such as granite and stainless steel. Here, ipe boards running in horizontal bands give dimension to the kitchen while also blending it with the wooded backdrop.

For a movable kitchen, get a sturdy and versatile cantilever style with fiberglass ribs and a 50-pound base to withstand wind; $200 to $300 for both. For a built-in kitchen, consider adding a hole in the counter through which to slip the umbrella post.

Provide task lighting, such as a clip-on grill light or a standing lamp, for cooking and work areas. Ambient illumination at seating areas, in the form of all-weather string lights or rechargeable LED tea lights, will set the mood. And, for safety, consider spots or solar-powered stakes along paths leading to your open-air kitchen, riser lights for deck stairs, and an overhead lantern where you enter the house.

Everyone has their own idea of what makes a good home. You may be an avid gardener and think a dedicated garden space makes a good home. You may be a cooking enthusiast and think a full outdoor kitchen makes a good home. No matter your personal preferences, there are a few recent exterior design trends that can make a Florida home stand out from the rest.

When you live in a warm location year-round, you will spend more time outdoors than your neighbors up north. With so much of your life happening outside, you want to make that space as fun and usable as possible. Hiding indoors is no way to enjoy the sunshine! This is why outdoor kitchens have been one of Florida's most significant exterior design trends in Florida over the last few years.

An outdoor kitchen is perfect for Florida weather and allows you to enjoy the outdoors even more. A beautiful outdoor kitchen is also an ideal place to entertain family and friends, whether you are hosting a big gathering or simply a low-key dinner.

Each outdoor kitchen is a unique installation with appliances and finishes that best suit the space. For example, if you are an avid griller, you can have a custom grill installed. If you love to make and serve drinks, you can have a refrigerator and bar area added to yours. If you have ample space, you can add a kitchen island! Each outdoor kitchen is made with durable materials and can withstand the elements.

One of the biggest trends in areas with warm temperatures is indoor-outdoor living. Indoor-outdoor living is taking the inside, outside, and the outside inside. It is all about blending your interior and exterior spaces harmoniously. Homes with indoor-outdoor structures are highly desirable and stand out from the rest because they are more interesting and exciting.

One way to achieve this symbiosis is with a structure like an attached pergola. An attached pergola is built, with one side attached to your home extending into your yard. The space under a pergola is often used as a gathering area with furniture similar to a living room or traditional outdoor furniture. It can be built on a deck or any surface material you like. If you want extra protection from the elements, you can add a retractable shade canopy that will protect you from the sun and the rain.

If you live in Florida, your home's exterior is almost as important as the interior! So take advantage of those warm temperatures and sunshine and make your outdoors more appealing and enjoyable with a beautiful outdoor structure.

When designing a residential or commercial space, you want to ensure that it impresses your clients and passersby. That is why developers and designers trust Walpole Outdoors to create memorable outdoor structures.

One of the most striking ways to add beauty to an exterior space is by adding a custom pergola. Pergolas have been around for thousands of years, defining outdoor spaces and creating shaded places to sit and relax. Pergolas can be attached to a building like an extension of that structure or freestanding in whatever location you want to make a visual focal point.

Another classic outdoor structure that will get your project noticed is an elegant arbor. Like pergolas, arbors have been around for thousands of years, framing entries to buildings and gardens alike.

For 90 years, Walpole Outdoors has been designing and constructing beautiful outdoor structures that have enhanced and defined countless outdoor spaces. As a result, you can see beautiful Walpole pergolas at country clubs, colleges, shopping centers, corporate offices, high schools, universities, and countless private residences across the country.

Adding a bold, inviting outdoor structure is a great way to add an exterior focal point to any space. If you are designing a shopping center, restaurant, or corporate building, you want people to feel good while there and encourage them to stay longer or return.

Have you ever been to an office building and been struck by how steely and soulless it all seems? That is why corporate buildings and offices are great candidates for an inviting outdoor structure like a pergola. The addition of an exterior structure benefits both the employees as well as visitors. 041b061a72


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