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Review: Aerosoft's Professional Flight Planner X v1.23 for FSX and P3D

simulations can be used for the display of real-time data, such as temperature, or they can be used to provide true-to-life simulation in a virtual world. we have already created many different flight scenarios for this product, such as non-us airports and exotic regions, as well as several variations, and we expect to keep adding more. the product will also consist of different variants, such as the concorde-x, the a320-x, and the b737-x, plus a simulation of the a320-x under a different brand.

[FSX P3D]Aerosoft - Professional Flight Planner X v1.23 Keygen


i will refer your readers to our concorde-x product, for an example of how the manuals are developed. as we are simmers too and we hate dry reading, we have made every effort to produce manuals that are not only readable by expert pilots, but can also be understood by the novice pilot although there might be some cross-referencing involved. however, to complement this, we provide several saved flight options that the pilot can load to set themselves up at various stages of flight, so they can understand a particular feature better. a full flight tutorial was also included with the concorde-x we are expecting to have a similar tutorial for the a320-x as well.

we are bound by various confidentiality agreements, so i can only comment that we are very fortunate to receive help from a whole variety of sources. we really couldnt have developed our a320-x to the degree of system fidelity we have achieved without them. we have access to the real aircraft most days in addition to a whole range of simulators. with these resources, weve been able to model various system characteristics that arent documented and only found on the real aircraft. everything we do is checked by professionals who work with the real aircraft if they are satisfied, im sure our customers will be also.


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