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[S1E16] Heavy

The mother is resistant because Jessica is already on a diet and exercising regularly, which would be the treatment for the condition they suggest she has. The patient resists being weighed, but Chase insists they need an accurate measurement. Foreman tells the kid he used to be heavy too, but grew out of it. She steps on the scale. Chase and Foreman then argue about whether you can "grow out of" obesity. Cameron isn't on Chase's side, and Foreman puts down his crankiness to his impending firing.

[S1E16] Heavy

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A doctor makes his way on board to see newish deckhand Chris Miller who lifted a seabob and tweaked his back something awful. He still managed to dig rocks, lift heavy things, go up high on the mast and a sexy hot tub striptease, but painfully. Nobody wants a painful hot tub striptease.

In response to the presence of heavy metals in soil and air, sweet potatoes produce peptide substances called phytochelatins. When we consume these phytochelatins, they bind to the heavy metals within our bodies (such as cadmium, copper, mercury and lead) and safely remove them via the digestive tract.The phytochelatins in sweet potato interact with the mineral sulfur (which helps with liver detoxification) in order to complete this process. Therefore, sweet potatoes are best combined with sulfur-rich cruciferous veggies such as broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, garlic and onions. In fact, doctors in the Soviet Union used to combine cabbage with sweet potatoes or yams in a special prophylactic diet for factory workers who were constantly exposed to toxic chemicals and metals within their occupation (John Heinerman, Encyclopedia of Fruits Vegetables and Herbs).Heinerman goes onto say that if you live in a big city with a pollution problem, be sure to eat more of this food combination in order to protect yourself from accumulating or becoming ill from heavy metals in the air we breathe.

Cue the first flashback: It's moments after Claire is delivered safely from Wentworth, and Randall dislodges the nail from Jamie's palm. The Scot falls backward, and Black Jack cradles him, painting a sort of unholy Pieta. In fact, the Biblical allusions are almost a little heavy-handed here, with Randall soothing water onto Jamie's brow like a baptism and referencing Christ (lest we forget the nail-punctured palm).

Hana sends Tayo on an errand to a construction site. There, Tayo meets heavy machinery and gets excited, making the vehicles bicker about who is cooler. They decide to hold a contest to settle the matter, with Tayo as their judge.

In "Hollywood's Best Film Directors," we go behind-the-scenes with some of Hollywood's biggest names. They talk about their lives and work, explaining what makes them so successful. The series includes heavy-hitters Francis Ford Coppola, George Lucas and M. Night Shyamalan, among others. 041b061a72


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