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TextSoap 8.4.1 MAC OS X

TextSoap 8.4.1 MAC OS X: A Powerful Tool for Text Cleaning

TextSoap is a Mac application that can automate tedious text document cleaning tasks. Whether you need to remove unwanted characters, fix up messed up carriage returns, or do pretty much anything else to text, TextSoap can help you do it with ease and speed.

TextSoap has a modern interface that lets you focus on your content, whether you are working with text, or building custom cleaners. It also integrates with your favorite apps using TextSoap Menu, which gives you system-wide access to TextSoap's features. You can use TextSoap in most apps that support standard copy and paste.


TextSoap offers more than 100 built-in cleaners that can address your text issues completely, or serve as building blocks for a customized text cleaning solution. You can create your own custom cleaners using the powerful custom cleaner editor, which lets you create text processing workflows with a simple outline. You can also organize your cleaners into groups for quick access, and share them with others using the import and export features.

TextSoap is compatible with macOS 13 (Ventura) and supports Apple Silicon. It also supports dark mode, which gives it a sleek and elegant look. You can download a free trial of TextSoap from its official website, or buy it for $44.99. You can also get TextSoap as part of Setapp, a subscription service for Mac and iOS apps that gives you access to more than 230 other apps for $9.99/mo.

TextSoap has been transforming text since 1998, and has received many positive reviews from its users. It is a must-have tool for anyone who works with text regularly, and wants to save time and effort. Try TextSoap today and see how it can make your text cleaning tasks easier and faster.


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