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[S3E2] Friends In Low Places

Lemon tries to juggle her secret sex life, her fake relationship with Wade, and the prospect of a new relationship with Carter Covington (guest star Ryan McPartlin). In the end Meatball gets jealous of her could-be relationship with Carter, along with her fake relationship with Wade, and exposes their secret sex. Lemon loses Carter, Meatball, but manages to stay friends with Wade.

[S3E2] Friends in Low Places


To get to Calder Abbey, open the travel map and go to C3. Once there, the monks tell you only friends can enter and request a plant. You need to give them Fox Button, as this plant represents a friendship contract between strangers.

"The One Where No One's Ready" is the second episode of the third season of the American television sitcom Friends and 50th overall, which aired on NBC on September 26, 1996.[1] The plot centers on Ross's (David Schwimmer) anxiety as his friends take too long getting ready for a function that evening.

Nick is the first CSI interrogated in court; afterwards, he tells Catherine that he blew it by not putting case identifiers on his dice photos. He explains that he was in a hurry because the casino manager wanted the craps table open. This isn't good since the blood on the dice places Tom at the murder. In a flashback, Nick is in the courtroom with the photo evidence in front of him. Marjorie asks him how they can be confident in his collection if he can't be confident about his own documentation. Nick had five photos of a die in front of him and picked the one he thought was the one that tested positive for blood. The die has not been excluded from evidence, but Nick's credibility has taken a hit.

As a businesswoman, Odalia is a controlling woman whose haughty and elitist thinking makes her a domineering influence on anyone around her, including her family. She is shown to be highly concerned about her family's reputation to the point where she'll interfere with her children's personal lives and opinions to ensure they stay in line, even silencing her own children when they wish to speak their mind on the matter. This is evident by how she uses her oracle magic to telepathically keep Amity in line via matching amulets that allow Odalia to directly speak to Amity in her mind. Additionally, it was Odalia who forced Amity to end her friendship with Willow due to her weak magical abilities and lower social status, making her be "friends" with Boscha and Skara instead since they came from more respectable families.

Odalia was once a student of Hexside School of Magic and Demonics, enrolled in the oracle track and attending the school at the same time as Eda and Raine. She was friends with Alador, in addition to future Abomination Coven leader Darius, and attended the Emperor's Coven tryout between Eda and Lilith.[1]

At some point, Odalia married Alador and became the mother of three children: Emira, Edric, and Amity. Due to the high status of the Blight family, both Odalia and Alador disapproved of Amity's friendship with Willow Park and forced their daughter to disassociate from Willow.[2] At some point, Odalia had Amity dye her hair green so that she and her siblings could have matching colors.[3][4]

As Odalia and Alador are hosting a demonstration of their new Abomaton, she has Amity pretend losing a fight to "make up for poor behavior". However, Amity destroys the Abomaton when it is about to step on a picture of her and her friends. After Odalia realizes Amity has friends outside of their social standing - Luz, Willow, and Gus - she looks into their history and has them expelled from Hexside, being present when the news is broken and has her daughter witness the event to further control her. In addition, she gives Amity double the number of classes to punish her. When she and Alador leave, Odalia gives Luz her business card in the pretense of a negotiation.

After Luz comes to Blight Manor to convince Odalia to let her, Willow, and Gus back into Hexside, Odalia claims she will allow it if Luz helps with the expo. Luz agrees, but at the expo, she almost ends up getting killed by the Abomaton 2.0, which "won't stop until its enemies are destroyed", according to Odalia. She watches in amusement until Amity steps in and stands up to her, forcing Odalia to agree to let her friends back into Hexside by threatening to dismantle the Abomaton in front of the investors. She agrees, and the girls pretend to lose. Odalia prepares to break her deal with Amity until her husband tells her to keep her word, pointing that Amity's friends are making her stronger, possibly strong enough to become a Coven Head.

When Kikimora arrives to pick up the last Abomatons, Odalia presents her with a new model, the Abomatron. After finding Amity and her friends are in the factory, she traps them in a barrier and has the twins grounded again. Odalia becomes displeased with Amity's rebellious behavior when she tries to break the barrier out of rage; upon Amity's revelation that Luz is her girlfriend, her mother refuses to accept this and states she will find her a better one than Luz. Suddenly, Alador disables the forcefield and begins to tell Odalia about the severity of the draining spell, but she reveals that she already knew about it, wanting to support the Day of Unity so her family could prosper.

A fight breaks out between her and Alador, and while Odalia has the upper hand, Alador soon gains control and shuts down the remaining Abomatons. Amity then disowns her mother, vowing to never speak with her again, and Alador also quits his post at Blight Industries. Odalia is left bitter and with none of her family on her side, she then disappears altogether.[7] After Alador leaves with Amity and her friends, she reports the ship they are using as stolen. It is highly likely Odalia was affected by the draining spell like everyone else, and was saved when The Collector stopped it.[8]

Later in the episode, Alador reveals to King that his wife has made him work nonstop for five years and expects him to get as much work done as he can on his own. King tells Alador of Belos' true intentions for the Day of Unity, and terrified, Alador goes to speak with Odalia. He tries to reason with her by informing her the Emperor's true plans, but when she reveals that she's already aware, Alador is disgusted with her, causing her to remark that this is why she never tells him about things. She adds that it's what's best for the family because the Emperor promised Odalia that in the new world, her family would be royalty, something the others knew Belos would not keep. When Amity, Luz, and her friends are held as prisoners, Alador defies his wife, letting the children escape while he fights Odalia and defends them. After the Blight Industries warehouse is destroyed, Alador quits Blight Industries, which doesn't change Odalia, and she lets him go, but not before telling him he won't be receiving his severance package.

The relationship between the Odalia and Amity was proven to be unhealthy, as "Understanding Willow" made it clear that Odalia mostly saw Amity as a means to preserve their family's reputation above all else, and even damaged Amity's friendship with Willow in the past for that purpose. Amity's diary entry where she unintentionally addressed one of her teachers as her mother in "Lost in Language", hinted that their relationship is still as awful as ever, and that Amity wished Odalia truly loved her. This is more covered in "Escaping Expulsion", when Amity is warned by Odalia not to mess up the demonstration for Blight Industries investors, but when she does, Odalia vehemently scolds her. It is also revealed that, for years, Odalia used an oracle necklace to scold Amity in her mind and control her without anyone realizing.

Upon seeing the Grom photo, Odalia realizes that Amity's more rebellious behavior is caused by her new friends. This makes her proceed to force Principal Bump to expel Luz, Willow, and Gus from Hexside, deeming the trio as a distraction to Amity, much to her dismay. In order to make sure Amity stays under control, Odalia gives her double the classes as punishment. When Amity rebels from her and stops the Abomaton from harming Luz at the second Blight Industries demonstration, Odalia is about to punish her again, but Amity breaks her necklace, severing her mother's telepathic connection with her. Following this event, Alador stops her from harming her daughter.

In "Clouds on the Horizon", Odalia grounds Amity for spying on her and Alador. When Amity, Luz, and their friends break into the Blight Industries warehouse, Odalia sees past the ruse and captures them. She pins the blame on Amity for causing the drama and the twins to rebel, viewing her as no more than a misfit and belittling Luz. This causes her daughter to furiously snap at her, revealing that Luz is her girlfriend, which displeases Odalia and causes her to remark that she'll find her a better girlfriend who isn't a criminal. After Odalia reveals that she knows about the draining spell, in addition to displaying utter apathy towards the imminent genocide of witches, instead favoring Belos' false promised world and wiles of royalty, Amity resolves to never speak to her mother again and effectively disowns her.

While stranded in the Human Realm in "Thanks to Them", Amity places a drawing of the Blight family in the interior of the Old House, but Odalia is conspicuously absent, demonstrating that Amity no longer considers her family.

Although Luz and Odalia barely know each other, it is shown that she dislikes her due to her belief that she supposedly "distracted" her daughter from putting on a good show of their product. She even made Luz pay for her daughter's mistakes by having her, Gus, and Willow expelled from Hexside so that she could put Amity back in her place. When she was confronted by Luz and made the point that she would still be friends Amity and thereby still be a distraction to her, she planned to have her eliminated by tricking her into taking Amity's place in the company's show under the guise that she would let her, Gus, and Willow back into Hexside if she makes her show a success. This is evident that when the Abomaton 2.0 was already showing itself to be a successful product; she did not do anything to stop it, because it is supposed to have its enemies completely eliminated for it to stop and it would have worked if her daughter had not arrived in time to stop it. 041b061a72


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