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Matthew Walker

Eva Lansberg - I Really Love

Zara is a third year PhD student studying economics. She plans to research labor markets, macroeconomic policy and international development. Before that, she was an undergrad at Yale (Trumbull!) studying economics and mathematics interspaced with classes in biology, literature and creative writing. Her hobbies include reading (anything, but especially fantasy), running (but not jogging), learning martial arts and playing strategy-based games/puzzles. She is very excited to once again be part of the Trumbull community, and would love to talk about economics, books, or just about anything!

Eva Lansberg - I Really Love

Daisy Duan is a 4th year Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry PhD student in the Koleske Lab. It was not until attending high school and taking physical sciences classes Daisy was fascinated with how biology and physics concepts could be combined to help us understand biological phenomena. Upon graduating from Johns Hopkins with degrees in Biophysics and Applied Math & Stats, she became the first in her family to not only finish high school but college. Now at Yale, Daisy is currently focused on elucidating the molecular mechanisms by which nonreceptor tyrosine kinase Abl2 impacts microtubule dynamics in vitro and in cells. Outside of the lab, Daisy loves to explore new cities, discover new music, and cook with friends in her spare time.

Sophie Richardson is a seventh-year Ph.D. student in the English department. Her primary research interests are centered around English Early Modern drama, lyric, and culture, and her current work is on literary representations of surfaces in a selection of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century English texts. Prior to attending Yale, she received her B.A. in comparative literature from Oberlin College, and she welcomes opportunities to revisit French and German from her more multi-lingual college days. She loves clear and compelling writing across the disciplines and looks forward to working with others to promote engaging written work, oral presentations, and classroom techniques.

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