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Swapna Kannada Film Mp3 Songs Free ^NEW^ Download

Swapna is a 1981 Telugu/Kannada film directed by Dasari Narayana Rao and produced by Jagadish Prasad. It marked the film debut of Swapna. The film's music was provided by Chellapilla Satyam. The film is a remake of the 1964 Bollywood film Sangam. Some of the songs were very well received, particularly Ide Naa Modati Premalekha and Ankitam Neeke Ankitam(Arpane Ninage Arpane in Kannada).

Swapna Kannada Film Mp3 Songs Free Download

Moving further to another classic 'Kasturi Nivas', a 1971 film by director duo Dorai-Bhagvan. The songs from this movie are still popular, and hence they deserve a place in your playlist of A to Z Kannada mp3 songs. The music of this movie is directed by G.K Venkatesh. 'Adisinodu Beelisinodu Song' is sung by P.B Sreenivas, and it is an amazing track. P.B Sreenivas is a famous name in the Kannada Music world. The other song from the movie 'Kasturi Nivas' sung by P.B Sreenivas that made it to our list of A to Z Kannada songs download is 'Aadona Neenu Naanu Song'. Adisidaatha Besara Moodi' by the composer G.K Venkatesh is good too. These songs will be an excellent addition to your A to Z Kannada songs list.

Rajkumar is a huge name in the Kannada Film Industry; his hit songs should be in our A to Z Kannada songs download. He has given numerous hits and bagged many awards. So it is quite natural that we have an entire playlist dedicated to him that will also enrich your playlist of Kannada A to Z songs. It is called 'Aaduthiruva Modagale' by T.G Lingappa from an exclusive album called 'Karaoke hits Of Rajkumar'.

'Bangaarada Manushya' is a 1972 film based on T. K. Rama Rao's novel of the same name. The movie was as hit as the book itself. The album also garnered attention with its catchy songs and melodic tunes. 'Aaha Mysooru Song' by P.B Sreenivas and P. Susheela is one such tuneful song to add to your Kannada A to Z songs. The other one is 'Aagadu Yendu Kaillagadu Yendu', also by P.B Sreenivas.

We have picked one song from every classic Kannada movie to include in your list of A to Z Kannada Songs. You don't have to reach out to different sources on the internet because Saregama has made it easy for you and all the best of the best you can find at one place, our list of Kannada A to Z songs. The songs are 'Aagudhella Aagali' sung by mighty S.P Balasubrahmanyam; it is from the movie 'Ninaagi Naanu'. The music is composed by Vijaybhaskar. 'Aa Asha Vilasi Ee Roopa Rasi' from the movie 'Mallammana Pavada', the song is voiced by legendary L.R Eswari and the music of this one is also composed by Vijaybhaskar. 'Aa Devare Nudidha' sung by Vani Jairam for the movie 'Bilee Hendthi' and no surprise for guessing the music director, it is Mr Vijaybhaskar again. These songs are must add to the list of A to Z Kannada mp3 songs. Moving ahead with our songs from classics, we have 'Aa Enuvudhu Song' from 'Vichitra Samsara' voiced by S. Janaki. The music is directed by Sathyam. 'Aa Meru Ee Meru' from the movie 'Neela'. The song is voiced by Vani Jairam and the music is directed by Vijaybhaskar. Make sure to have them in your list of A to Z Kannada songs download. 'Adabeku Karate Adabeku' from the movie 'Kiladi Jodi' by S.P Balasubrahmaniyam and 'Aadaddella' by Ramakrishna from the movie Suli is also very good. You must have them in your list of Kannada A to Z songs.

'Navakoti Narayana' is a 1964 movie directed by S.K Ananthachari is also graced with an amazing song list. 'Achchuthananda Song' is a beautiful song voiced by Dr M. Balamuralikrishna. The songs in this album are the finest work of Dr M. Balamuralikrishna. Remember this one when you make a list of A to Z Kannada songs download. Other songs in the Kannada A to Z songs playlist from Navakoti Narayana are 'Aalaya' and 'Aadadella Olithe'. Both of these songs are voiced by Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna, and the music is composed by Shivaprasad.

Your A to Z Kannada songs download should have 'Adbhuthadhindha Kalingana' from the movie 'Sri Puramdar Dasa' is a song that will mesmerize you. The song is sung by M.L Vasanthakumari and needs a top spot in your list of Kannada A to Z songs.

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