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We are in this constant state of push/pull within our psyche.  Yoga is where the body meets the mind (psyche and SOMA), it is a way to return to wholeness by creating a union of yin and yang, or a wave of polar opposites in order for the body to be in harmony.  It’s a means to create a more cohesive sense of self, peace, and harmony.

"You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside."

Psyche = soul, expression of the Devine, access of ego, the bridge between conscious and unconscious mind, it’s part of the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system. 


  1.  Nectar of immortality, heaven and sky

  2. The body of cells that carries our psyche


This world is in need of more peace and harmony.  Yoga is a great way to take what you learn on your yoga mat out into the world.

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Lisa's Class

Blending traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic science into all of her classes.  Each class will begin with centering, breath work and a combination of structural alignment and gentle flow movement.  This is an ALL Levels class.

Monday's: 9am - 10am​

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Eve's Class

Join Eve for an explorative vinyasa flow that connects breath with movement. This practice becomes a moving meditation that creates strength and allows space for fluidity in the physical and emotional body. Expect a fully balanced class with the opportunity to try more advanced poses. All bodies and abilities welcome.

Tuesday's: 6pm - 7pm

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Sue's Class

The heart of Sue's Gentle Yoga class is foundation. This is an offering for anyone wanting to focus on alignment and breath as you build strength and balance.  

 Sue's class allows a playful space for mindful movement. All levels of experience are welcome.

Wednesday's: 9am - 10am


Current Class Offerings

Masks are not required to be worn, but are certainly welcome during any class offerings.

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