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Apr 26, 2023 - May 9, 2023

Spring Cleanse

  • 14Days


During the Spring time, our bodies begin to download stored fat from winter into the lymphatic and circulatory system.  Which, if not properly dealt with, can create blood congestion and stagnation, puffy skin, loss of appetite, heavier menstruation, and allergies.  This releasing of fats in preparation for spring can also result in stagnation and congestion of the liver and gallbladder.  An increase in gallbladder attacks tends to happen in early spring.  How is this so?  Because spring is the month when our liver and gallbladder are detoxing from heavy, rich foods we consumed in the winter months to stay warm.  Over time, if the liver becomes congested as a result of toxins, stress, or poor diet and elimination, bile in the gallbladder can become too thick and congested.  It’s important to understand our unique constitutions and live seasonally, aligning with God’s creation, in order to keep our bodies healthy and vibrant.  One of the best ways to help your body move through spring with ease is with an Ayurvedic cleanse – this cleanse is designed to ease the digestive load and allow the body to release toxins more naturally.  The cleanse has 3 phases, pre-cleanse phase (4 days), main phase (7 days) and reset phase. You'll learn lifestyle habits along with daily online guidance, yoga and meditation classes and a 30 minute personal consultation in addition to the Renew Wellness Ayurvedic Cleanse Guide, Recipe Book, and grocery list.

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Spring Cleanse

Spring Cleanse

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