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Things To Buy For Your Cat

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Things To Buy For Your Cat

This is one of the first things I bought after adopting my twin cats Salty and Clementine and I'm SO happy I did. They took to it immediately and not only use it as a scratching post and people-watching perch, but they also sleep on it and chase each other up and down it.

The USB-enabled unit has five circle settings, fast and slow modes, and an auto on/off feature that turns it on every three hours and off after 15 minutes of use. This way, your pet can use it even when you're not home.

Let your indoor cat run wild in the Outback Jack outdoor cat tunnel. This mesh tent-and-tunnel combo lets your cat have some outdoor fun while still staying as safe as possible. The compound is easy to transport and can be secured to the ground with the included sandbags.

The outside world is basically cat TV, which makes this window perch from PEFUNY the perfect spot for your cat to be a couch potato. It attaches to a window with four suction cups that can hold up to 40 pounds.

Now you can easily take your cat anywhere and everywhere with the PetAmi cat carrier backpack. Each size of the backpack zips open for easy access, and the breathable mesh material makes traveling so much more enjoyable for your cat. It also features mesh pockets for drinks and treat storage and comes in 10 fun colors.

Welcoming a new cat or kitten into your home is an exciting experience and can be the beginning of a wonderful companionship. Adopting a cat also comes with a lot of change for both of you. Our guide on planning for your new cat will help you make the transition as smooth as possible.

The most important thing your cat needs is a quiet, comfortable and secluded space of their or her own. It could be a spare bedroom or a cosy space in the corner of your living room. This will make sure your cat becomes familiar with one space before exploring the rest of your home.

Perhaps you're thinking about what to buy for your cat Watch our video for top tips on essential cat products for your new arrival. You can buy cat products online in our shop, where you'll find everything from cosy beds to toys and feeding mats.

Neutering is an important operation to prevent female cats from getting pregnant and male cats from making females pregnant. You will need to ensure your cat is neutered to avoid unwanted kittens. There are also plenty of health benefits, including the reduced chance of developing some cancers and other illnesses.

Registering with a vet is very important and with many practices to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one to pick. Follow our advice on how to pick the right vet practice for you and your pet.

While most vets can carry out various medical and surgical procedures, there may be times where your cat needs specialist care. For example, your cat may have a complex fracture that needs treating. Your local surgery should be able to point you in the right direction.

Organising pet insurance for your new cat is as important as settling them in. Designed to help protect you against unexpected costs related to your cat, you may need it to cover veterinary bills in the future. It is important to check your policy thoroughly to ensure it meets your needs.

From snazzy collars and comfy beds and to talking buttons and fancy cat-approved furniture, there's something in our cat gift guide for every kitty. Most are even under $25, but don't worry, you can still tell your cat they're worth a million bucks.

Fluent Pet's communication system is for anyone who's ever wished their cat could talk. Record essential words to this set's six battery-operated buttons. Once your kitty learns their meaning, they can let you know they are hungry, happy, or want to play with just the touch of a paw. The cognitive scientist-designed kit comes with three nonslip tiles to hold the buttons and identifying stickers.

Upgrade your home decor with Litter-Robot's cylindrical Cat Silo. The functional, 26-inch tall side table doubles as a


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