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Sabaton Songs

Since their debut album in 2005, SABATON have become a major force in heavy metal. With their tenth studio album "The War To End All Wars", the Swedes release their latest project on March 4. As on the previous album "The Great War" (2019), the band chronicles in eleven brand new songs the atrocities, wonders and events associated with World War I in the early 20th century. With fiery riffs, pounding drums and singer Joakim Brodén's distinctive baritone, each of the songs on "The War To End All Wars" highlights fates and stories from this historical episode, the courage and bravery of individuals, and both triumphs and tragedies.

Sabaton Songs

Sabaton is one of the most successful rock bands to ever come from Sweden. Said success has been made possible by numerous narrative-driven songs about wars and war-related topics over the course of two decades and counting. Indeed, it should be mentioned that the name of the band refers to the foot armor that saw use by knights in both late medieval Europe and early modern Europe.

StormTroopers can most notably be said as fast and furious, but at a much lower pitch. Taking inspiration from the elite class of well trained soldiers of the German army, meant to break through stalling stand stills. Most notably using the famous Blitzkrieg strategy which sought to sprint through key points with overwhelming force. StormTroopers is a great introduction to the upcoming songs compared to Sarajevo, since it carries the more common Sabaton sound.

It is also the perfect time to get into the band, as they recently announced that they would be returning to North America to do The Tour To End All Tours, with the band having a venue on October 6 at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, Maryland. Sabatons songs are great in person, as they are easy to sing along to, and the band always has great enthusiasm when they perform.

Night Witches about the famous all-woman 588th bomber regiment, begins with the band turning the opening lyrics into an epic chant. It gets better than there, with the Night Witches being depicted as actual witches able to appear out of nowhere, bombing the Nazis and their allies into oblivion, untouched by flak or enemy pilots. Unlike most of their songs, this song is extremely fast and features lots of crashing drums, representing the Night Witches' ability to strike fast and hard in their obsolete but utterly lethal PO-2 biplane bombers. Beneath the starlight of the heavens Unlikely heroes in the skies (Witches to attack, witches coming back) As they appear on the horizon The wind will whisper when the night witches come!

Sundström was equally enthusiastic about the award, saying: "We've started the year in the best way possible. We love making music and we've received a significant amount of recognition for our releases, but to be recognized for the hard work and effort that goes into the topics of our songs with an award such as this is a whole different thing. It's a whole new level of validation that means the world to us and makes us quite emotional. We put hours and hours of work into every song we write, and work hand in hand with historians and academics to ensure that what we are putting out into the world is accurate and factual. This is something we stand by and will make sure we continue in the same vein." 041b061a72


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