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Couple Rings are an expression of love and affection, and are similar to eternity wedding rings, engagement rings and marriage rings. They are older than their counterparts and are only just beginning to gain popularity.

Promise rings What are they?

The meanings of the promise rings are varied and full of symbolism. They symbolize a commitment or promise between two people. It could be a range of bond types, ranging from intimate relationships to close friendships. In romantic situations, they could be a prelude to a marriage, and also a sign that the couple is committed to building the future.

The promise ring symbolizes dedication, loyalty and the desire to always be there for your partner. The exact meaning of the promise ring may differ based on the couple. It could be a pledge of abstinence, or friendship for eternity or even a future engagement. These rings are powerful representations of commitment and symbolize the desire to honor the promise or commitment.

Traditions and customs

The custom and method of the giving of a promise ring can differ greatly. A promise ring is typically given in a moment of love and affection, and is often is accompanied by a gesture of love that reflects the promise made. There are no rules to be adhered to when wearing the ring.

Some wear it to mark the beginning of an engagement ring that is placed on the ring of the left hand. Others wear it on their right hand to differentiate it from the engagement ring. The culture of a person can differ. In some cultures, promise rings are standard, however in other cultures, they are not. However, despite the variations, there is one common thread: promise rings are an obvious sign of the commitment made and emphasize the significance of it.

Common misconceptions regarding Promise Rings

There are a few common misconceptions about promise rings. One of these is the confusion between promise rings and engagement rings. Both rings signify a commitment to be married, the engagement ring typically a declaration of intention to marry, whereas the Promise Ring could represent more than just intentions or promises. It could be a promise of friendship or celibacy, or a desire for an upcoming marriage.


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