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[S10E11] Temple Of Mars

During Forever Evil: Blight, Constantine awakes in the House of Mystery, unsure how he got there. He slowly begins to remember gaining control of Pandora's Box and then the Crime Syndicate defeating the three Justice Leagues. He attempts to conjure an enchantment to find Zatanna and the other members of the Justice League Dark but it does not work. He then sees a conjured Zatanna from his conscious, who reveals that Pandora's Box is still having an adverse effect on him. The conjuring is revealed to be Nightmare Nurse, who sought out Constantine to remove the remnants of the Box from him. They are joined by Swamp Thing, who agrees to help, as the Green has been agitated by the Crime Syndicates arrival and the three try to track the missing members of the Justice League. John determines that the Trinity of Sin are the ones who will be able to help them and summons them to the Rock of Eternity. The Trinity of Sin are able to get out of their chains. The Question does not decide to help and vanishes, while Pandora agrees to help. Constantine coaxes Phantom Stranger to join by offering him one of his pieces of silver. Phantom Stranger declines and tries to leave the House. He wanders through it and after seeing various moments of his past, returns to the others and tells Constantine he will help their cause. Elsewhere, Chris Esperanza, the Phantom Stranger's friend he brought back from the dead, overcome by his emotional turmoil of being resurrected, awakens Blight inside of him, allowing his body to become the vessel for Blight. Now in his vessel, Blight summons Constantine, Swamp Thing, Nightmare Nurse, Phantom Stranger and Pandora to his location in New York City. Pandora begins shooting at Blight, only for Blight to start killing each member, killing Pandora last. As she dies, she is approached by Nightmare Nurse in her subconscious, letting her know this is the result of the Dun-Kon-Wen and they have a plan so they all remain sane. It is shown that the group's bodies have ended up in Doctor Thirteen's apartment. While floating in the subconscious, Constantine sees Deadman, who tells him he is the only hope the former Justice League Dark members have to survive. Nightmare Nurse is able to revive everyone with her psyche, when Constantine informs them of his visit from Deadman. They determine that it actually was him, not a delusion, and Constantine, Nightmare Nurse, Swamp Thing and Pandora set out to find him. They travel to the bottom of the ocean, where they arrive at Nan Madol, a deserted undersea kingdom finding the Sea King. Pandora informs Constantine that they have to stop him, as the Sea King is housing Deadman's spirit. On the surface, the group is able to stop Sea King's attack and break the connection Sea King's body had on Deadman. Deadman wakes up and informs the group he jumped into Sea King's body during the Crime Syndicate's arrival and that it twisted his mind so he did not know how he was. Constantine removes the last traces of Sea King's consciousness and locks Deadman in the body to have a weapon to use against the Crime Syndicate. At the border of Heaven, the group is confronted by the Spectre and Zauriel. Later the group once again encounters Blight. With Blight gone, so is the psychic static that originally prevented Constantine from finding Zatanna and the others, and he is able to locate them. Back at the House of Mystery, Nightmare Nurse is tending to Constantine, who is suffering from adverse side effects from the Blackmare Curse. In order to find the location of the Justice Leagues, Phantom Stranger attempts to accelerate Constantine's recovery by taking himself and Nightmare Nurse into one of Constantine's memories. There, the Phantom Stranger forces Constantine to use the light in himself to fight off his personal demons, which cures him. Constantine combines his magic with Pandora's and they are able to locate the Justice League members in Nanda Parbat. Once there, Deadman in Sea King's body is able to gain entrance to the temples, where the group realizes that Felix Faust and Nick Necro are behind the operation. Under a concealment spell, the group follows Deadman further into the temple to try and rescue the Justice Leagues. Constantine and Nightmare Nurse travel further through the temple, where they eventually come across the other mystics being held for the project Necro and Faust has been working on. They see Black Orchid, Cassandra Craft, Shade, the Changing Man, Enchantress, Blackbriar Thorn, Blue Devil, Papa Midnite, Sargon and Zatanna being held for the use in the Crime Syndicate's weapons program to use against the entity that destroyed their world. Constantine realizes that Nightmare Nurse is not herself, actually Necro in disguise. The two fight and Constantine is able to stop Necro in order to try and free Zatanna. Before he is able to, his is captured by Faust. Pandora and the others arrive and proceed to free Nightmare Nurse and the others in captivity. Nightmare Nurse heals Deadman, while Constantine finds Zatanna.

[S10E11] Temple of Mars

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