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Important Requirement: XQuartz X11 libraries. You probably need to install XQuartz. If you get an error about not being able to load an X11 font library called something like, that's due to missing X11 libraries on your system. It's entirely possible that even if you've installed this before, you may have to install it again. Sometimes folks have an outdated version of XQuartz, and sometimes an OS X update breaks the previous installation of XQuartz. Just download and install the latest one, and these problems should be fixed.

In order to access the logcats you first need to install ADB command-line tool. ADB command-line tool is a part of android studio platform tools and can be downloaded from here. After this, you need to set the path/environment variable for adb tools. Now you can access logcat from eclipse terminal/ intellij terminal or mac terminal in case you are using a macbook. 781b155fdc


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