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Where To Buy Moonraker Beer

First brewed in 1950, our malty award-winning Moonraker is dedicated to a local legend. The story goes that farmers close to the JW Lees brewery once fell into a pond, attempting to rake out a reflection of the moon they mistook for a truckle of fine Lancashire cheese. This strong ale should be handled with care, but its fruity aroma and rich, sweet flavour are now the stuff of legends too. This strong ale is perfect to buy for a curious beer lover or a sneaky gift for yourself.

where to buy moonraker beer

The Holy Hermit has a huge fruity aroma that wafts through the air as you pour out the beer. Pineapple and tropical fruit aromas, topped ripe peaches make this beer an incredible fruit pie in a glass.

Frasher comes from humble beer drinking roots. The first brew he ever ingested was a Budweiser, and the first beer he ever fell in love with was the richly hoppy Racer 5. Like most brewers, Zack started with a lot of homebrewing and eventually graduated to brewing his DIPA with Knee Deep Brewing Company and Mraz Brewing Company and working at The Brewmeister homebrew shop.

However, the beer has been controversial on the West Coast because people feel the cloudy beer is a result of the brew not having enough time to come to proper fruition, or simply because on the West Coast, we are accustomed to our IPAs being transparent and extremely danky.

He says that success lies in doing it all for the right reasons, and for the intention that quality always takes priority over quantity and that the beer is always great. Only a year deep in the game, Moonraker has seen insane success, and brewmaster Zack Frasher intends to keep it all going, hazy or not.

This beer is incredibly smooth. Up front there is a creamy coffee flavor with some delicious vanilla notes. It does taste like coffee, but I can taste more of the creamy flavors. As the beer transitions to the back end the salty notes begin to show up. On the back end the beer has a smooth finish with lingering vanilla notes. This is a deliciously fantastic beer!

Powell, who co-founded the Auburn brewery with his wife Karen, has just collected medals for winning Best New California Brewery and ninth Best New Brewery in the World at the RateBeer Best, a competition and beer fest held annually in Santa Rosa, California.

Alyssa Pereira is a culture editor and contributing beer writer for SFGATE. She previously worked for CBS San Francisco and SPIN Magazine and has contributed to Good Beer Hunting, Paper, Vice's i-D and Paste, among others. She is a Bay Area native and graduate of New York University and SFSU. 041b061a72


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