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Thus, in the Greek world the very foundation of the plutocracy, that is, the ruling class, was created by partnership, in one way or another, between the government and the plundering Roman empire. It was the Roman empire that provided the means to support the Roman empire in its patronage of art and literature, to build roads, to create an adequate system of law, to ensure a unified religion, and to provide a measure of political stability. The Roman state and Roman people were not, however, one. The citizen lived principally in the city, the countryside was for her husband or her lover, and the forests were a haven from both, a place where she could find peace. Women of the nobility and the upper middle classes lived in their own palaces and villas, inside gated walls or closed shuttered windows. But life for women was increasingly restricted in the countryside and in their own palaces. Women, even for a time, lost a sense of personal value and self-esteem. By the time the middle ages began to invade the dark forests and cloisters of women were dying, converting to the new faith, accepting the new economic, social, and political realities of life as women.

As a consequence of the Judeo religions patriarchal doctrine on the subordinate position of women, the view that nature and life in general amounts to a human punishment, the concept of the divine parting them from the clerical class and the misogynistic interpretation of the Bible, the poor man's bread, and the transition to industrial capitalism in Western Europe the female workers not only suffered at the hands of the capitalist but also were economically enslaved. The worst conditions of the industrial revolution, especially in Britain, were seen and often accurately seen, by the people in their daily lives at least, by the women of the proletariat. The irony is that it was the female workers who, more than any other, were the first to rebel against this new tyranny. It was in the realms of sexual politics and women's rights that the feminist movement originated and remains strongest. Wherever militant feminism is not seen in the context of the growing consciousness of an industrial proletariat, it may be trivialized. Occasionally, however, it is necessary to examine the feminist movement in the light of the new revolt of the proletariat. d2c66b5586


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