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Flickr Localizes Into Seven Additional Languages ((INSTALL))

For example, the Flickr user interface was recently translated into several languages. One of the more common messages when you are looking at your own photos tells you how many times the photo page has been viewed, eg. "392 views". The following table shows comparative lengths of the word Flickr used for 'views' as a ratio* to the original English:

Flickr Localizes Into Seven Additional Languages

The 300% expansion from English to Italian is not at all surprising for a small string such as this. The following are average expected expansion rates for text translated from English into European languages, as published by IBM in their Guidelines to design global solutions.

The new season would provide an additional seven days of late season hunting with bows and muzzleloaders. Hunters must purchase the bowhunting or muzzleloading privilege to participate in the late bow or muzzleloader seasons and may use all deer carcass tags valid during those seasons.

On-demand viewing will be available in the Gospel Library in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Russian, Korean, Japanese and Chinese. Seven additional languages will be available soon after, according to

William Shakespeare has knowledge of seven languages and usually made direct quotes in other languages directly in the plays that he wrote. It is incredible that he had a vocabulary of 24,000 words, the most for any writer, then and now.

Thirdly, culture is also restraining. Cultures retain their distinctive patterns through time. In global capitalism, although Canadian culture, French culture, Malaysian culture and Kazakhstani culture will share certain features like rationalization and commodification, they also differ in terms of languages, beliefs, dietary practices, and other ways of life. They adapt and respond to capitalism in unique manners according to their specific shared heritages. Local cultural forms have the capacity to restrain the changes produced by globalization. On the other hand, the diversity of local cultures is increasingly limited by the homogenizing pressures of globalization. Economic practices that prove inefficient or uncompetitive in the global market disappear. The meanings of cultural practices and knowledges change as they are turned into commodities for tourist consumption or are patented by pharmaceutical companies. Globalization increasingly restrains cultural forms, practices, and possibilities.

Often the context of a sentence or word can have dramatic impact on its translation into different languages. Just consider the word Windows: If it relates to a window being shown on the screen, it is fine to translate it to its German equivalent Fenster. However, when referring to the Microsoft Operating system of the same name, the word Windows would remain untranslated in most, if not all, non-English languages. Without providing some comment, a translator seeing just at the word itself would have no clue which case he was looking at. This has been the source of plenty of strange or outright wrong translations in a multitude of even high-profile applications.

As you can see, there is quite a few things to consider when trying to get your applications user interface set up for more than one language. We covered the basics of adding localizable .strings files to an Xcode project, configuring additional supported languages, the use of NSLocalizedString in code and the automatic scanning of your source to create the .strings content automatically. Moreover we looked into some ways to debug localization issues with missing translations and/or keys and added a basic custom set of pseudolocalization functions.

South-East Asia New Born Birth Defects system In South-East Asia, strong collaborations with the World Health Organization South-East Asia Regional Office, has led to the development of a sophisticated surveillance database for tracking newborn health, birth defects, and stillbirths. In collaboration with ministries of health, CDC and WHO have trained and built capacity among health care providers in 145+ hospitals from seven countries that now contribute data to the South-East Asia New Born Birth Defects system. This system has the flexibility and the adaptability integrate into country health information systems and has been expanded to respond to emerging threats such as Zika Virus.


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