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Tanks A Lot 2.43 €?

Private and secluded 2.43 acre lot with fantastic views in all directions. 1200 gallon septic tank already installed GR1 zoning. Corner lot could possibly be divided. Seller will entertain Owner Carry Back with a 3 year term. Call with questions.

Tanks A Lot 2.43 –

This 2.43 acre property is located at 6965 N Tula Ln in Tucson, AZ 85743 with latitude 32.3306 and longitude -111.1718. The property is currently available for sale at a price of $149,900. Listing data sourced from TARAZ MLS # 22223310.

For the purposes of this Section, where a floor area ratio is determined pursuant to Section 23-151 (Basic regulations for R6 through R9 Districts), notwithstanding the height factor of the zoning lot, the maximum residential floor area ratio shall be 2.43 in an R6 District within 100 feet of a wide street, 3.44 in an R7 District and 6.02 in an R8 District. In an R6 District beyond 100 feet of a wide street, the maximum residential floor area ratio shall be as specified in Section 23-151, or 2.2, whichever is greater.

why is this important? it lets you load your shells faster, which means you get to shoot faster. Remember we are playing tanks and Tanks are not rifles. Rifles have cartridges that can allow you to shoot off a set amount of bullets as fast as you can pull the trigger. In a tank you have a crew member who has to manually change each shell (or cartridge) and this takes time. The Gun Rammer makes your loader a lot faster, like you gave him steroids or something.

It's supposed to save 10% of the aim time, right? OK, so most of my tanks really don't take a lot of time zeroing in. Arty, now that's another ballgame, but I don't do that anyway. So saving .2-.3 of a second every shot works out to how many credits a shot? Does the gun shoot sooner? faster? Not according to the WoT stats. That suggests when you see the aiming reticle getting smaller, you've already saved that .2-.3 seconds. If you were really saving that aiming time you'd be shooting faster and that would change your rounds-per-minute. That doesn't happen. No worries, it helps you think things are better. anyway.... cool..... but it still cost 500,000 didn't it.

With a lot of my tanks, putting really effective equipment in them takes up all 3 slots. If I need to find something that big chunk of credits to help out with, I click the gold ammo from gold to credits and make loadout get 8 or 10 of them babies. Immediate increase in performance, if needed. The payback on dmg caused pays off when you're almost always seeing bottom tier. Being able to hit a higher tier .2s quicker doesn't usually.

Let's say we both have a Tiger I (German Tier VII heavy tank), everything about our tanks is identical except that I have a GLD and you don't. We both pull around a corner, see each other, and start aiming at each other getting ready to fire.

1) Thanks to my GLD my aiming circle shrinks all the way down to the optimum size in 2.43 seconds, this gives me the maximum opportunity to aim at one of your weak spots, shooting through a driver's hatch, the commander's cuppola, through your front track wheel, into your transmissions, etc.

2) If you and I both fire at the same time, after 2.43 seconds, I have a better chance than you do of hitting my chosen target location on your tank. I have a better chance of doing damage and getting a crit at the same time, while you have an increased chance for your shot to go astray and bounce off of a more heavily armored spot on my tank.

Just as an addendum, don't buy equipment at full price, you're partially right, in that 500,000 is a whole lot. Save your credits an only buy equipment when they have the 50% off sales, this will free up a lot of credits for buying other tanks, and allowing you to have full gear on a lot more tanks.

Did you notice I mentioned lower tier tanks in some of my posts? I've got no real objection to using big buck equipment in them when it actually works effectively for a simple reason. It costs 10gold to move those high dollar suckers to the next tank up the tree. And having that stuff hung on a lot more tanks is sorta wasteful.

Coffee is 20,000 credits per battle, so if you're comparing the EGLD to Coffee, the EGLD pays for itself after 25 battles. Once you get to Tier IV and above it's pretty rare that anyone play a tank for less than 25 battles, so if you just want to talk about the cost equation the EGLD comes out ahead of coffee every time. Not only is the EGLD a fixed cost, it can be moved from tank to tank and be used hundreds of times across multiple tanks. For public battles there's no comparison, in terms of the cost/benefit ratio the EGLD is superior to Coffee (& other premium consumable foods).

"Most scholars agree that this tank would have been used for special religious functions where water was used to purify and renew the well being of the bathers.This indicates the importance attached to ceremonial bathing in sacred tanks, pools and rivers since time immemorial." J. M. Kenoyer[9]


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