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Matthew Walker
Matthew Walker

Awdflash 1.18 Download

if the.tar.bz2 filename contains lines with mixed case alphanumeric characters (e.g. aaaabbbc etc.), then you should copy all links to this machine to a text file or to a database with the plain, lowercase characters before deactivating the av software, if necessary.

awdflash 1.18 download

  • my 'pmu-mutations': intel has now replaced their 6111 nand-flash controller with the slightly faster 6265. i know this because of the bios changes in version

  • amd's 6207 nand-flash controller has not been upgraded, unlike intel. even though amd devices are also missing the brand new 6265 controller.

  • my 'software: flashrom is now distributed with flashupdate. i hope it will be used by many. it's a gui based flash tool that offers all the features most users need. i even added acpi and the 'cpufreq' modules so it even works with powernowd enabled.

  • flashing is now possible with all hardware-based flash. if you have a hardware-based flash chip you can use it to flash your hardware (i.e. you don't need to use awdflash anymore). these tools are: flashrom

  • flashexplorer

  • gdflash

  • amiflash

  • buddhash

  • mirrorflash

the current awdflash release brings stability and completeness and most of the features that we developed since the release of version 1.08.5. some features are still missing, like sh/sw or flash file support. the program still uses the 'flv' api, but that's going to be removed in the future. we will provide documentation, which we made available before, but in a more easy to read manner. we also plan to create a gui version of awdflash, as flashrom seems to be a bit overkill if you have a current hardware-based flash. more information about flashrom can be found here:


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