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Sonia The Great Lady 2012 Full Movie In Tamil Hd 1080p

Sonia The Great Lady 2012 Full Movie In Tamil Hd 1080p

Sonia The Great Lady is a 2012 Indian biographical film based on the life of Sonia Gandhi, the former president of the Indian National Congress and the widow of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. The film stars Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as Sonia Gandhi, Abhishek Bachchan as Rajiv Gandhi, and Amitabh Bachchan as Indira Gandhi. The film was directed by Mani Ratnam and produced by Karan Johar. The film was released on October 2, 2012, coinciding with Gandhi Jayanti, the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.


The film chronicles the journey of Sonia Gandhi from her childhood in Italy to her marriage with Rajiv Gandhi and her entry into Indian politics. The film also depicts the major events that shaped her political career, such as the Emergency, the assassination of Indira Gandhi, the Bofors scandal, the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, the 1991 assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, and the formation of the United Progressive Alliance government in 2004. The film also explores the personal and emotional aspects of Sonia Gandhi's life, such as her relationship with her husband, her children, and her mother-in-law.

The film received critical acclaim for its performances, direction, cinematography, music, and screenplay. The film also won several awards, including four National Film Awards, eight Filmfare Awards, and six IIFA Awards. The film was also a commercial success, grossing over 300 crore worldwide. The film was dubbed in Tamil and released in Tamil Nadu with the title Sonia - The Great Lady. The film was also available in HD 1080p quality on various online platforms .


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