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Aaaaahhhh Summer - how to stay nourished

Aaaaahhhhhhh SUMMER TIME


As warmer weather approaches it’s important that we know how to take care of ourselves, especially our liver and skin.  That rosy red hue that we get is due to dilated capillary beds that near the surface of our skin.  This helps to disperse excess heat in our bold.  During the summer, we can tend to overheat which creates irritability and impatience.  Our face can become too red.  All these signs point to an overheated liver.  Our liver is essential to our skin health.  Puffy and swollen skin is due to dilated capillary beds releasing more fluid into your skin as well as congested, thick, lymphatic fluid.  What ever the weather is outside, your body is experiencing the same “weather” inside.


Ways to stay cool and protect the liver during the summer months:

  • East watermelon.  Watermelon is a cooling diuretic – keep in mind, it is a diuretic which means it could deplete someone who is already has too much dryness in their bodies.

  • Avoid heavy carbs and fats which can congest the lymphatic system and increase the risk of acid reflux.

  • Bitters such as aloe vera, bitter greens (dandelion, arugula, kale, and chard) will help keep the liver cool. 

  • Spritz your face with rosewater.

  • Sip on Cumin, Coriander, Fennel seed tea (1/2 teaspoon of each seed to one cup of hot water, steep for 10 minutes).

  • Eat during the cooler hours of the day; morning and evening.  Normally, in Ayurveda, we recommend eating a bigger lunch and lighter dinner.  However, in the summer lunch can be a lighter meal.

  • Favor easy to digest, simple meals.

  • Berries detox the body and clear out liver heat.

  • Pineapple and plum help with inflammation.

  • Cilantro and mint are great cooling herbs.

  • Cabbage and fennel are astringent and cooling.

  • Cucumber is juicy, light, cool and bitter diuretic.

  • Smoothies should be simple – 5 ingredients or less.

  • Coconut water is cooling and replenishes electrolytes.

  • TOO MUCH water can waterlog the kidneys and weakens digestion making the stomach feel heavy.  Be attentive to your body’s thirst, be mindful of electrolyte imbalances.  Banana, lime juice and cardamom smoothing will help replenish electrolytes.  Homemade sports drink:  banana, lime juice, salt, and coconut water.

  • Avoid ferments, but the sour of lemon and lime can help open pores and dilate capillary beds in the skin by releasing heat and keeping us cool

  • Avoid pungent taste that stimulate heart and blood, which are already aggravated in the summer.

  • Hibiscus is astringent and cooling.

  • Exercise in the early morning or later in the day when it’s cooler.

  • Avoid sun exposure during the hours of 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

ENJOY YOUR SUMMER!  As always, consult with your physician before trying any of the suggested tips.  Consulting an Ayurvedic Wellness Coach is important in determining your unique constitution which allows for proper formation of a lifestyle and nutritional plan.  Ayurveda is not a one size fits all formula.  We are all wonderfully and uniquely made.  Different times of the year, day, and our age all play into creating a plan that best fits your unique constitution.

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