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Renew Yoga

Our psyche orchestrates an unending push and pull, shaping our thoughts and emotions like the tides.

Within the realm of yoga, a profound union unfolds—the convergence of body and mind, psyche and SOMA. This practice becomes a pathway to rediscover wholeness, where the interplay of yin and yang, opposing forces like waves, orchestrates harmony within the body's intricate symphony.

Yoga becomes the bridge that spans these internal polarities, a conscious dance between light and shadow, guiding us towards an equilibrium that radiates from within. Each asana, each breath, becomes a note in this symphony, allowing the body to move in rhythm with the mind and the mind to sway with the body's fluid cadence.

Through this fusion, a more intricate tapestry of being unfurls—a self that transcends the boundaries of its individual parts. The dissonance of conflicting elements fades, replaced by a serene accord—a melody of tranquility and concord.

Amidst the chaotic ebb and flow of the external world, lies a sanctuary of control—the internal landscape. As the adage goes, "You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside." This sovereignty over our inner realm offers solace and stability, even when life's tempests rage.

Yoga is more than just a practice; it's a philosophy guiding us towards balance, like sailors navigating their ships through turbulent seas. It empowers us to navigate the currents of our psyche, weaving together the disparate threads of our being into a tapestry of profound equilibrium. As we delve into this voyage, we embrace not only the art of yoga but the art of being—crafting harmony from the push and pull of existence.

Renew Yoga: Our Class Schedule

Psyche = soul, expression of the Devine, access of ego, the bridge between conscious and unconscious mind, it’s part of the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system. 


  1.  Nectar of immortality, heaven and sky

  2. The body of cells that carries our psyche


This world is in need of more peace and harmony.  Yoga is a great way to take what you learn on your yoga mat out into the world.


Renew Yoga:

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Refund Policy: Refunds will not be issued for yoga punch passes. However, you can gift your credit to someone, or apply the credit to massage or coaching services. 

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Lisa's Class

Blending traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic science into all of her classes.  Each class will begin with centering, breath work and a combination of structural alignment and gentle flow movement.  This is an ALL Levels class.

Monday's: 9am - 10am​

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Sue's Class

The heart of Sue's Gentle Yoga class is foundation. This is an offering for anyone wanting to focus on alignment and breath as you build strength and balance. Sue's class allows a playful space for mindful movement. All levels of experience are welcome.

Wednesday's: 9am - 10am

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