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Saints Row 2 Pc Framerate Fix

In the first two months of release, CD Projekt Black released patches focused on improving general performance and crashes, removing the original 32 FPS framerate cap, adding 16:9 resolution support, as well as various other fixes,[7][8] though the game remained affected by critical issues that there would never be an official fix for, necessitating modders to step in. The DLCs for the game were never released for PC and remain exclusive to the console versions.

Saints Row 2 Pc Framerate Fix

Hey guys i have bought saints row 2 on steam and ive heard that it is very unoptimised and ive been playing it my fps is always below 30 sometimes it will hit 30 but when im driving i only get like 10fps is there anyway to fix this i could even run saints row the third better then this specs:intel core i3-2310m intel hd graphics 3000 and 8gb ddr3 ram

I have the problem where i cannot get past the difficulty setting in saints row. You mentioned about a patch that fixes that, but i have no clue where to go to locate and install the patch,. Can you help?

alright, so i play on the ps3 and there seems to be a lag between my controller and the game. my controllers work fine with my other games, but when i play saints row, if i put the analog stick to the right it takes like 3 seconds for my character or car to turn that way, and as you all know its impossible to play a game like that

hi,. im having the same problem as most of you. i will try to start a new game on saints row: the third and it just CRASHES. it doesnt matter if its at DX9, DX10, or DX11, it always crashes. please help (p.s, i have an AMD graphic card).

Hey guys I really need help with the startup crash on saints row 3. Every time the main menu pops up it just freezes i looked up every solution on google and youtube, but they only have solutions for the PC. I use the PS3 so can anyone help me??? Anyone?

hello my saints row the third is freezing during the insataling process it makes it to 74% but then the time starts to go up and then freezes every time i erase the corrupt data but this keeps happening please respond i play on the ps3

Arriving on 25th May, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S upgrade will allow the game's engine to "run at a much higher performance, bringing improvements to lighting, texture resolution, and other visual effects thanks to the powerful hardware." The press release from Deep Silver explains this will bring framerates up to 60fps with dynamic 4k resolution.

Xbox Series S users will be able to choose between two modes depending on how they want the game to run. There's Performance Mode, in which gameplay is locked at 60fps with 1080p resolution, or Beauty Mode, which provides an upscaled 4k resolution but a framerate of 30fps. PlayStation 5 users, meanwhile, get Activities support and a "subtle signature Saints purple glow on the DualSense controller". I guess you'd have to get the new black DualSense controller if you wanted the full Saints Row colour scheme.


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